Caring for Seniors with Diabetes 101

Online education series:  Watch the full YouTube Playlist

Intended audience:  Care providers in both community care and long-term care facilities in PEI

Module 1:  Understanding Diabetes (4:50) [VIDEO]

Module 2:  Monitoring Blood Glucose (6:41) [VIDEO]

Module 3:  Hyperglycemia (6:19) [VIDEO]

Module 4:  Hypoglycemia (14:38) [VIDEO]

Module 5:  Nutrition and Physical Activity (7:58) [VIDEO]

Module 6:  Oral Diabetes Medication (12:09) [VIDEO]

Module 7:  Insulin Therapy (19:28) [VIDEO]

Module 8:  Sick Day Management (2:48) [VIDEO]

Module 9:  Medical Emergencies (5:36) [VIDEO]

Module 10:  Chronic Complications (4:34) [VIDEO]

These modules were developed by the Care of Seniors with Diabetes Working group with approval of the PEI Diabetes Strategy Steering Committee.

Content of the modules reviewed and approved by Health PEI’s Provincial Diabetes Program.

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