Autism Spectrum Disorder: Supporting Individuals in Healthcare Settings (On-Demand Learning Pilot)

The following learning modules are part of the core training for all Mental Health & Addictions staff. The content was created by the MHA Research & Education Department in partnership with clinical psychologists Drs Ida & Jancke Pienaar, as well as consultation from Daniel MacLeod, Occupational Therapist. The MHA Research & Education Department would like to thank these individuals for their contributions and all those who helped review the content before publishing. 

If you plan to complete this training outside of your scheduled work hours, please reach out to your manager or supervisor with any questions regarding compensation. The MHA Research & Education Department can provide an Education Verification Form upon request.

Required content for completion of training

Module 1: Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder (30 minutes)

Carly's Cafe (2 minutes)
Why everything you know about autism is wrong (13 minutes)


Module 2: Definitions and Language (15 minutes)


Module 3: Autism and Healthcare Settings (35 minutes)


Module 4: Tools and Resources (30 minutes)


Quiz (required,  takes 10 to 15 minutes)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Supporting Individuals in Healthcare Settings  

Quiz for external partners/ those without a Health PEI email address

We value your feedback.

Please complete the optional anonymous feedback form (it will take approximately 10 minutes). Your feedback helps us evaluate the ASD On-Demand Learning Pilot and will inform future iterations of this on-demand ASD training as well as additional training for MHA staff.

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