Care Pathways

Care Pathways are an important component of patient-centered care. The use of evidence-based care pathways contributes to quality and efficient patient care, while also creating a standardized process for care, treatment, and documentation that supports clinical excellence and controls costs. Other benefits include:

  •  Continuity of care
  •  Improved clinical outcomes
  •  Appropriate Lengths of stay
  •  Increased patient and staff satisfaction

Care Pathways will become standard practice for all Island hospitals as we work to create a health system that is based on quality, efficiency, equity, and sustainability.

Current Care Pathways:

Health PEI currently has five clinical pathway packages:

Other Client Education Materials:

These education materials have been developed for staff to educate clients.

Who can I contact for more information?

Dorothy Dewar, Nursing Research Lead
Telephone:  (902) 620-3897

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