CEO MESSAGE: Celebrating Nursing Week, Mental Health Week and Palliative Care Week

Dear Health PEI team,

The first whole week of May is a great one. People are celebrating healthcare workers and services everywhere, and this week marks several significant dates. Let's take some time to recognize them. 

National Nursing Week (May 6-12)

This week's theme is Changing Lives; Shaping Tomorrow, and it couldn't be more appropriate for our registered nurses, nurse practitioners and LPNs.  Each and every nurse in our organization plays an invaluable role in the care we provide, whether they are working on a medical floor, in a Patient Medical Home, in the emergency department, in home care, in mental health and substance use, or any of their many healthcare roles.  

Yesterday, I attended the Marjorie Vessey Award and Bright Beams of Light Awards (and met Marjorie!) These awards celebrate nursing at QEH. 

Congratulations to Gina MacDonald, who was winner of Marjorie Vessey Award and a Beam of Light. Beam of Light winners included:  Emily-Kate MacMillan, Colin Gamester, Haley Campbell, Shannon David, Enid Dollar, Julie Wallace, Patrick Robinson, Cindy Carragher, Bobby McSweeney, Heather Roberts, Katie MacPhee, Viviana Mejia
On May 10, the PCH will announce the winner of the Kay Lewis award, and Mental Health and Substance Use services will announce the winner of the Emily Bryanton Award. We’ll share the winners then, and photos and more details will be in the next Vital Insight newsletter.

On behalf of the executive team and the board, I want to give a giant shoutout to all nurses this week!

MOA responses:

I have heard from many of you the recent critical care and emergency care MOA. You have been very thoughtful in your responses, and we are considering your feedback. Your input is incredibly important to me and needed for the system.

Mental Health Week (May 6-12)

It is Mental Health Week, and I want to express gratitude to all those involved in providing mental health support and services at Health PEI. Your dedication makes a profound impact on the lives of Islanders. 

Our system is leading significant change in mental health services. I am excited to see new programs emerge with a community-first focus, such as the recent Open Access changes to make community care more accessible. 

At the same time, we are further reinforcing our acute care services in mental health with programs like the new Mental Health and Substance Use Emergency Department and Short Stay Unit. Thank you to all the staff members who give their all daily in mental health care!

I also hope that, as individuals, all Health PEI staff can take a moment to prioritize our own mental well-being this week as well. Focusing on your well-being enhances patient care, helps reduce stigma, and fosters a culture of wellness within our system—and it's good for you!

MindBeacon's Therapist Assisted Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers free and confidential support to all Health PEI staff.

MindBeacon provides: 

  • 24/7 access to MindBeacon content
  • Access to your own therapist via instant messaging
  • Monthly mental health wellness newsletter and virtual events

Sign up for MindBeacon or explore the following mental health resources.

Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness is also available to speak to your team and answer any questions.  For more information on the available Health PEI services visit Mental Health Support and Services


National Hospice Palliative Care Week, May 5-11

Palliative care is a crucial part of our healthcare system, providing much-needed support to patients and their loved ones during one of the most difficult times. Whether care is provided at home, at the Provincial Palliative Care Centre, or in a hospital, palliative care is vital to an effective healthcare system. Palliative care is about living, and this is made possible through the hard work and dedication of all staff who work in these settings, be it physicians, nurses, social workers, as well as other professionals working in the system. Thank you.


I look forward to recognizing groups from now on, at least every month.

If I missed your day earlier this year, let me know and I'd be happy to include it in our next shoutout.  And, as always, thank you for all the work each of you do for Islanders!