Dementia Education


Module 1 - Introduction to Dementia (15:00) [VIDEO]

Module 2 - Detection and Screening (8:00) [VIDEO]

Module 3 - Interventions (10:00) [VIDEO]

Module 4 - Care Approaches for the Person Living with Dementia (11:00) [VIDEO]


Health PEI would like to acknowledge adapting resources from ACT on Alzheimer’s Tools and Resources from Minnesota and the Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward Island. 

Thank you to all the individuals that reviewed each of these modules to ensure content was appropriate and applicable.

Dementia Module 1: Introduction – Video 
The Material was created by Sabrina Brennan of TCD and TBH, through the NEIL program at the Institute of Neuroscience with support from GENIO.© 2014 The Provost Fellows, Foundations Scholars, and the Other Members of Board, of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin. Permission to use this material was granted by TCD which reserves all rights in the material.

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