Employee Engagement Pulse, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey 2023

In the spring of 2022, Health PEI partnered with McLean & Company, an independent research and advisory firm, to give our workplace a long-overdue check-up. More than 3,100 of you took part in the Employee Engagement Survey, letting us know how you feel as an employee of Health PEI and how we’re serving you as an individual and as part of your workplace community.

You stepped up and told us the truth of your experiences. It was important for us to hear. We want you to know we’re taking that information seriously, and we’re using it to make Health PEI a better, healthier place for you to work.

In the next step of this process, 29 joint teams across Health PEI in various facilities, programs, and service areas—consisting of both employees and leaders—worked together to prepare action plans based on employee feedback and the survey results. Those action plans included more than 180 initiatives to address key areas you pointed out to improve employee engagement. I’ve seen some great initiatives emerge—and some great take-up from staff. These are good first steps. 

Now that we are more than a year into this process, it’s time to take our pulse to see how we’re doing. Next month, McLean & Company will conduct another survey of employees at Health PEI, and we would love for you to participate. We want to hear your feedback on whether any of these initiatives have moved the needle.

Kindly click this link to take part in the survey to share your feedback.   

The more of you who participate, the better information we’ll have to make things better for everyone. By listening to the feedback from our employees, we will work to create a healthier culture for staff in all roles and at all levels.

This shorter, confidential ‘Employee Pulse/ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey’ will provide insight into the progress we have made in creating an organization that supports our vision of Healthy teams, healthy people, healthy Island communities.  The survey also contains questions that will help guide our future programs around diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Kindly click this link to take part in the survey to share your feedback.   


Schedule and Location for Shared Laptops

For those that do not have access to a computer, there will be laptops made available at various facilities for employees to use to complete the Employee Engagement Pulse, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey.  The schedule and location of these laptops can be found here.