Health PEI Health Care Workers Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs have been developed through the COVID-19 Emergency Response Team and Health PEI Human Resources to help inform Health PEI staff and physicians as the province details its approach to ongoing COVID-19 public health measures.

For the purpose of the FAQ, all employees of Health PEI involved in providing care and/or services within Health PEI facilities and programs are considered Health Care Workers, referenced throughout the documentation as HCWs. This includes physicians, students, volunteers and contract workers.

Health PEI is also committed to sharing regular updates to all members of the organization.  These FAQs may change over time, and documentation will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Updated information, including information for health care providers, will be made available:

  • Through the website:
  • By calling Public Health at 1-800-958-6400
  • Managers will post hard copies of information on the OH&S bulletin boards in each work site for those without access to email  

- COVID-19 Immunization and Management Policy (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)
- COVID-19 Pandemic Visitor and Compassionate Grounds Visitation (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)

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