LEAN Six Sigma

DMAIC Graphic

One Pagers and Templates for each Stage in the DMAIC cycle:

  • Pre-Work
  • Define - Define the problem/opportunity, goals and benefits of the project.
  • Measure - Map the current process, measure current state, gain the voice of the patient/client/resident, and establish baseline performance.  This phase is about understanding the process and creating a baseline to measure future changes in the systems or processes.
  • Analyze - Complete and analysis of your baseline measure(s) which should "tell a story".  What is the root cause?
  • Improve - Brainstorm solutions and improvements that best address the root cause(s) and then test and implement them.
  • Control - Embed the new progress so that things do not slip back to the old way of doing things.  This is completed by verifying the controls that have been put in place and implementing any other controls that are necessary to sustain change.  This is the most important part of the cycle.

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