Note from Michael May 31 2023 | National Physiotherapy Month; Better Speech and Hearing Month

From the desk of Dr. Michael Gardam, Health PEI CEO


Notes from MichaelHi everyone, 

National Physiotherapy Month

May is National Physiotherapy Month and a great time to recognize this important health care field!

Physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants and physiotherapy technicians combine their in-depth knowledge of the body with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. This year the theme is “Physiotherapy: Leading Action Toward Better Pain Management and Rehabilitation”.

At Health PEI, Physiotherapists provide essential skills in many areas of our hospitals, primary care, long-term care and within our community programs and services. Thank you for helping Islanders lead more fulfilling lives!

Better Speech & Hearing Month

Better Speech & Hearing Month happens in May and raises awareness about the importance of communication health. “Connecting Through Communication. S-LPs and Audiologists Empower You” is the theme for this year. 

Speech-language Pathologists (S-LPs), Audiologists, and Speech-language Pathologist Assistants provide essential care at our hospitals and within Public Health & Children’s Development Services to Islanders of all ages to identify, assess and treat a wide range of communication disorders. Communication disorders can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical, emotional, social, vocational and financial well-being.

Thank you for enriching the lives of Islanders through your valuable work! For more information on available services visit Audiology Services and Speech-language Pathology Services.



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