Office 365

Office 365

Online self-paced training is available for the following Microsoft 365 products:

  • Outlook – application for email and calendars 
  • Teams – application for video or voice conferencing, chat and collaboration 

The Office 365 Team has also developed live training sessions specific to Government of PEI employees including Health PEI. Please visit the IMIT SharePoint site to register for live sessions and view self-paced training.

To access the IMIT SharePoint site:

  • You must be on the government network or VPN
  • You must use your username ( and password (combination used to access your government devices)
  • Recommended browsers include Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer (as available)

SharePoint Site: O365 Training Materials

Microsoft 365 Help and Learning Page (no log-in required)

*IMIT - Information Management and Information Technology


Technical Support: If you have any issues, please contact the Service Centre at or call 902-620-3600

Training: If you have any questions related to training, please send an e-mail to

Outlook is the application used for email and calendar functionality. The links are to short videos on specific topics followed by videos specific for using web-based Outlook.

Set Up and Customize

What is Outlook?
Add an
Welcome to your inbox

Create and Send Emails in Outlook

Create and send email
Create an email signature
Sending and receiving attachments
Retract or replace a sent email
Track email with read receipts

Manage the Emails in Outlook

Set-up an automatic reply
Search and filter email
Ignore conversations

Organize the Inbox in Outlook

Set categories, flags, reminders, or colors
Organize email by using folders
How to set up Rules

Contacts and Tasks in Outlook

Add a contact
Create a contact group
Import contacts
Export contacts
Create tasks and a to-do list
More ways to use your contacts
View and edit contacts

Calendar in Outlook

Welcome to your calendar
Create appointments and meetings
Schedule an online meeting
Share your calendar
Import calendars
Search for calendar items
Use the Scheduling Assistant (busy search)

Outlook Quick Start (Articles)

Add an email account
Create and send email in Outlook
Manage your calendar and contacts
Collaborate in Outlook

Get Started at

Get started
Find it with Search
Get back to your work
Recommended files
Create new documents

Outlook on the Web

Get to know Outlook on the web
Create and reply to email
Organize your inbox
Create a signature and automatic reply
Schedule an appointment or meeting
Create and edit a contact
Search for email, contacts and events


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Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that provides workplace chat, video and audio conference calls. The links are to short videos on specific topics.

Intro to Teams

Welcome to Teams
What is Teams?
Get started with Chat
Get started with Meetings
Get started with Teams and Channels
Get started with Apps

Start Chats and Calls

Start and Pin a Chat
Make calls
Hide chats, delete messages
More about Teams calls
Set up a delegate to take your calls

Set Up and Customize Your Team

Get your Team up and running
Guide for Team owners
Organize your Team list
Work with external guests
Manage notification settings
Filter your activity feed

Work Together in Teams

Add an app
Add a plan
Work on a file together
Upload and share files

Manage Meetings

Create meetings with Meet now
Meet in a Channel
Manage meetings
Join a Teams meeting
Share screen during a meeting
Show PowerPoint slides
Move around in Teams meeting
Add Q&A to meetings

Work with Channels in Team Site

Overview of Teams and Channels
Create a Channel
Create and use private Channels
Show and hide Channels
Work in Channels
Send email to a Channel
Add tools with tabs

Other Works in Teams

Collaborate on presentation
Save and share files
Co-author with others
Search and more with command box

Set Up and Attend Live Events

Plan and schedule a live event
Produce a live event
Attend a live event
Moderating a Q&A
Schedule a webinar
Add Q&A to webinars

Work with Posts and Messages

Create and format a post
Post message- multiple Channels
Get attention with @mentions
Save a post or a message

Teams Quick Start (Articles)

Sign in and get started
Chat and share files
Collaborate in Teams
Learn more about Teams


Find Help articles
My camera isn't working
My microphone isn't working
Change settings


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