Records Information Management (RIM) Toolkit

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Records Management for New Employees [PDF]

Record Decision Tree [PDF]  

Records Destruction - Quick List [PDF]    

Government Classification Plan and Retention Schedules (CPRS) for Administrative Records (contact

RIM 101 Basics [PDF]

Table of Contents [PDF]

Common Secondaries - All Departments / All Health [WORD]

Section 1 - Health PEI - General (being developed)

Section 2 - Community-Based Programs and Services (contact

Section 3 - Hospital Services (Inpatient) [PDF]

Section 4 - Medicare [PDF]

Section 5 - Pharmacare [PDF]

Section 6 - Public Health [PDF]

Record Centre Forms

NOTE:  Please contact for updated forms.

RC02 Instructions for Completing Form [PDF]

RC02 Records Transfer List (Sample) [WORD]

RC02 Records Transfer List [WORD]

RC02 Records Transfer List (Client) [WORD]

Client Inventory Spreadsheet [EXCEL]

RC02 Combination List 2018 [WORD]

RC04 Request for Retrieval Form [WORD]

Contact Information

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