Wellness and Safety Team

The Wellness and Safety Team is a group of professionals dedicated to maximizing the wellness and safety of Health PEI employees. 

Wellness and Safety Manager

Sarah Fullerton MacDonald, BSc MScOT
Email:  sarahmacdonald@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-368-5806
Responsibilities:  To lead and coordinate the Wellness and Safety Team to support Health PEI in the promotion of employee health, prevention of injury and illness, the design of early intervention programs to reduce or mitigate the impact of injury or illness, and actively support timely and safe returns to work.

Provincial Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Coordinator

Dawna Woodside, BScOT
Email:  dlwoodside@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-314-1987
Responsibilities:  To coordinate provincial programs and standards that direct and support Health PEI sites with preventing and reducing musculoskeletal injuries to staff.

Occupational Health & Safety Officer – Return to Work

Angie MacCaull, BA, Disability Management Certificate
Email:  admaccaull@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-438-4531
Responsibilities:  To support timely and successful return to work for employees who have experienced a workplace injury or a prolonged absence from the workplace due to injury or illness

Occupational Health & Safety Officer – Safety & Compliance

Elizabeth Pederson, CAE
Email:  empederson@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-894-2149
Responsibilities:  To support Health PEI sites in their compliance with OH&S legislated obligations and to promote a culture of safety for our employees

Occupational Health & Safety Licensed Practical Nurse

Marina Darrach, LPN
Email:  mrryan@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-315-0584
Responsibilities:  To provide testing for Health PEI employees for appropriate N95 masks.  Also provides various forms of support to Wellness and Safety Team members. 

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