Allied Health - Acute Care: CIS Training Materials

Training Material Video Document
Security and Confidentiality   Document [PDF]
Training Material Video Document
Timeframe Selection & Establish Relationship   Document [PDF]
PowerChart Basics   Document [PDF]
Organizer Icons   Document [PDF]
Patient Lists   Document [PDF]
Location List   Document [PDF]
Custom List   Document [PDF]
Patient Search   Document [PDF]
Opening and Closing Patient Charts   Document [PDF]
Chart Overview   Document [PDF]
Demographic Bar   Document [PDF]
Navigational Menu Bar   Document [PDF]
Hand Off   Document [PDF]
Discharge Summary Tab   Document [PDF]
Orders Tab Organization   Document [PDF]
Tasklist Tab   Document [PDF]
MAR Tab   Document [PDF]
MAR Summary Tab   Document [PDF]
Med List Tab   Document [PDF]
Results Review Tab   Document [PDF]
Assessment Tab   Document [PDF]
Overview Tab   Document [PDF]
Review Chart Tab   Document [PDF]
Form Browser Tab   Document [PDF]
Allergy Tab   Document [PDF]
Patient Information Tab   Document [PDF]
Patient Scheduling Tab   Document [PDF]
Reference Text Browser Tab   Document [PDF]
Tasks and Task Lists   Document [PDF]
Procedure Tab   Document [PDF]
Documentation   Document [PDF]
Functionality of the PowerForm   Document [PDF]
Saving a PowerForm    Document [PDF]
Working with Form Browser   Document [PDF]
Document Tab   Document [PDF]
Working with Progress Notes   Document [PDF]
Additional Progress Notes Types   Document [PDF]
Allergies   Document [PDF]
Documenting Allergies   Document [PDF]
Printing Labels   Document [PDF]
Medical Record Reporting - MRR   Document [PDF]
Training Material Video Document
Orders Tab   Document [PDF]
Order Status   Document [PDF]
Add an Order   Document [PDF]
Parent Child Orders   Document [PDF]
Ordering Physician Window   Document [PDF]
Order Details   Document [PDF]
Lab Order Details   Document [PDF]
Collection Priority   Document [PDF]
Labels   Document [PDF]
Microbiology Orders   Document [PDF]
Reference Text   Document [PDF]
Sending Results to OOP Physicians   Document [PDF]
Duplicate Alerts   Document [PDF]
Suggest Orders   Document [PDF]
Communication Orders   Document [PDF]
Scheduling & Surgical Procedures   Document [PDF]
Caresets   Document [PDF]
PowerPlans   Document [PDF]
Favorites   Document [PDF]
Training Material Video Document
MAR Summary   Document [PDF]
Medication Administration Record (MAR)   Document [PDF]
MAR Sections   Document [PDF]
Medication Administration Tasks   Document [PDF]
Medication Charting Window   Document [PDF]
Medication Administration Information Populates To   Document [PDF]
Documenting Medication   Document [PDF]
Charting Diluents   Document [PDF]
Charting a PRN Response   Document [PDF]
Charting an Administration as Not Done   Document [PDF]
Charting an Administration Task as Not Given   Document [PDF]
Rescheduling Medication Single Dose   Document [PDF]
Administering Additional Med Doses   Document [PDF]
Modifying a Charted Task   Document [PDF]
Uncharting a Documented Administration   Document [PDF]
Viewing Order Information on the MAR   Document [PDF]
Viewing Admin Details on the MAR   Document [PDF]
Creating an Admin Note   Document [PDF]
Viewing Reference Manual from the MAR   Document [PDF]
Charting by Proxy   Document [PDF]
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