Bits & Bytes Monthly Webinar Series

The HPEI Bits & Bytes series has been developed to bridge between information, healthcare teams, patients and the future by providing knowledge and training of current and upcoming digital health initiatives at HPEI.  The monthly program would inform and excite people about digital health and the possibilities which in turn, could lead to positive patient outcomes.

Events Schedule

Date Time Topic Registration Link
September 7, 2022 07:30 - 08:30 Privacy and Security in a Digital Healthcare World with Dr. Michael Gardam, Jeanne MacDougall and Mike Muise Register Now
October 5, 2022 07:30 - 08:30 O365 Tips and Tricks Register Now

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Event Feedback and Topic Rankings for Future Events

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Past Events

Date Topic Recorded Webinar Link*

June 1, 2022

Virtual Health Clinics

View Here

July 6, 2022

VCPCC Overview and Projects

View Here

August 3, 2022

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Overview and Applications

View Here

*Note: Only HPEI and Gov of PEI accounts can open and view this shared link

The goals of the series are to:


  • Prepare health care providers by introducing them to concepts and local experiences in informatics.
  • Acquire knowledge to remain current with new trends, terminology, studies, data and breaking news.


  • Excitement in digital adoption and integration and how it can help deliver healthcare in PEI.
  • Developing and providing feedback or involvement with the Virtual Care Project Coordinator Centre (VCPCC) (ex. initiatives or working groups).


  • Assist with knowledge translation on new initiatives at Health PEI 
  • Highlight innovations created or adopted in different areas at Health PEI and potential other areas that can adopt the solution as well.
  • Reduce silos and improve collaboration towards a unified vision

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