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Learning and Development Framework

LEADS - Leadership Resources

Learning and Development Components


Learning and Development Framework

Framework [PDF]

LEADS - Leadership Resources


The LEADS framework is a reflection of the key skills, abilities and knowledge required to lead at all levels of the health care system. The framework consists of five (5) domains:

     - Lead Self [PDF]

     - Engage Others [PDF]

     - Achieve Results [PDF]

     - Develop Coalitions [PDF]

     - Systems Transformation [PDF]

LEADS Brochure [PDF]

LEADS Key Points [PDF]  French [PDF] 

LEADS "Top Ten" Reading List 

LEADS Overview for Managers [PDF] 

LEADS Performance and Development Plan Overview [PDF] 

Learning and Development Components

New Leaders Program Presentation [PDF]

     - Passport [PDF]

     - Learning Agreement [PDF]

     - My Contacts [PDF]

Mentoring Program Presentation [PDF]

     - Guide [PDF]

     - Agreement [PDF]

     - Log [PDF]

     - Journal [PDF]

Leadership Development Series 

Experienced Leadership Program (coming soon!)


Training Needs Analysis - Team/Unit [PDF]

Learning and Development Plans – Divisional/Organizational [PDF]

New Leaders Program Resource list [PDF]

Development Discussion Checklist 

Learning and Development Plan – Individual 

Performance Improvement Plan

LEADS Learning Plan [PDF]

Leadership Performance & Development Plan [WORD]

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