Note from Michael, Dec. 27, 2021 | Recap of COVID situation and preparations

From the desk of Dr. Michael Gardam, Health PEI CEO

Hi everyone,

The past two days of holidays have meant that the world is a bit behind on reporting on new cases, hospitalizations, ICU stays, and deaths from COVID-19. Once these data are caught up and another week or so passes, we should be able to have a good idea on what we can expect with respect to the impact on our health care system.

Cases are exponentially increasing on the island – CPHO announced 156 cases were identified since Friday including 52 additional cases on Friday; five cases on Saturday; and 99 cases on Sunday. Of course, these represent just a small fraction of the actual number of new cases each day as many infected people either don’t have symptoms (and so don’t get tested) or assume they have COVID and are isolating at home while they recover. 

This large number of infected people will inevitably lead to some requiring admission, especially if unvaccinated.  Up until now, we have been able to avoid the hospitalizations that have hit the rest of the country; however, we won’t be able to avoid this over the coming month. 

Over the past week we have sent around several guidance documents reminding you of the PPE to wear; who we are testing and what test to use, and how we will approach staff who are contacts who have symptoms.  We have a large stockpile of PPE on hand and have ordered more. We are working on making staff testing easier, arranging for fit testing for those of you who have not yet done so, and expanding vaccination clinics. 

We have not yet scaled back to essential services but we are likely to do so in the next 1-2 weeks to free up inpatient capacity. We will do this iteratively and with caution as we know these services are important for Islanders health.

As I said last week, I am confident that we will be able to deal with what is coming our way.

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