Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Team

The Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Team is a group of professionals dedicated to maximizing the wellness and safety of Health PEI employees. 

Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Contact List

Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Org Chart

Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Director

Responsibilities:  To lead and coordinate the Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Team to support Health PEI in the promotion of employee health, prevention of injury and illness, the design of early intervention programs to reduce or mitigate the impact of injury or illness, and actively support timely and safe returns to work.

Allison Wyatt, B.A.S., CRSP
Email:  awyatt@ihis.org  
Telephone:  902-218-7389

Sydney Warren
Administrative Assistant
Email: sewarren@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-394-0072

Provincial Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention (MSIP) Team

Mandate: Reduce/prevent musculoskeletal injuries; develop/support solutions to identified injury risks; and assist/support injured employees returning to work. 

Lara Kispal, PT
Manager, Employee Support & Injury Prevention
Email: lkispal@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-303-7127

Emma Moore, PT
MSIP Consultant - KCMH, Beach Grove Home, Prince Edward Home, Riverview Manor, Wedgewood Manor, Summerset Manor, Home Care Central
Email: emoore@ihis.org 
Telephone: 902-213-5293

Brenda Dunne, PT
MSIP Consultant - PCH, CHO, Western Hospital, Margaret Stewart Ellis Home, Maplewood Manor, Stewart Memorial, Home Care West
Email: bdunne@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-314-1987

Michael LeBlanc, OT
MSIP Consultant - QEH, Hillsborough Hospital, Souris Hospital, Colville Manor, Home Care East
Email: meleblanc@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-218-7588

Provincial Employee Health Nursing (EHN) Team

Mandate: Employee Health Nurses work closely with managers, supervisors and individual employees to maintain, promote and restore employee health, safety and well-being. 

Lara Kispal, PT
Manager, Employee Support & Injury Prevention
Email: lkispal@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-303-7127

Christa McAlduff
Employee Health Nurse - PCH

Email: camcalduff@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-438-4487

Lanea Harris
Employee Health Nurse - MH&A, LTC & Community Services (Central)

Email: lcharris@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-213-4792

Liza Townshend
Employee Health Nurse - East

Email: ldtownshend@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-213-3078

Natiya Rennie
Employee Health Nurse - West

Email: nmrennie@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-303-1556

Sarah Jones Clements
Employee Health Nurse - QEH

Email: sbjonesclements@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-894-2045

Marina Darrach
Wellness Coordinator

Email: mrryan@ihis.org
Telephone: 902-303-3117

Employee Abilities and Return to Work Team

Mandate: To support timely and successful return to work for employees who have experienced a workplace injury or a prolonged absence from the workplace due to injury or illness.

JD Gilmour
Manager, Employee Abilities & Return to Work

Email:  jgilmour@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-439-4298

Gayani Gunathilake 
Employee Abilities & Return to Work Consultant - QEH & PCH

Email: ggunathilake@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-213-4779

Gaylene Mackenzie
Employee Abilities & Return to Work Consultant - Primary Care, Public Health, Mental Health & Addictions, Provincial Programming

Email: gaylenemackenzie@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-213-5148

Lindsay Praught
Employee Abilities &Return to Work Consultant - LTC, Home Care, 4 Community Hospitals

Email: limpraught@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-218-0621

Safety, Compliance & Violence Prevention Team

Mandate: To support Health PEI sites in their compliance with OH&S legislated obligations and to promote a culture of safety for our employees.

Jillian Nixon
Manager, Safety & Violence Prevention 

Email:  jnixon@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-916-0657

Kimberley McKenna
Safety Officer - East & West

Telephone:  902-394-7572 

Margo King
Safety Officer - Violence Prevention

Email: mamking@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-213-8797

Wallace MacAusland
Safety Officer - Central

Email: wmacausland@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-916-0658

Bradley Slater
Project Manager, Security & Violence Prevention

Email: bslater@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-218-6209

Lysa MacDonald, LPN
Occupational Health & Safety Licensed Practical Nurse

Email: lmmacdonald@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-315-0584

Ask HR Help Desk

Mandate: To support all Health PEI employees with questions concerning HR issues, such as benefits and payroll, or other policies and procedures through the Ask HR Help Desk platform. 

JD Gilmour
Manager, Employee Abilities & Return to Work

Email:  jgilmour@ihis.org
Telephone:  902-439-4298

Daphne Maclachlan
HR Help Desk Lead

Email:  askhr@ihis.org
Telephone:  800-372-3529

Barbara Kalil
HR Help Desk Specialist 

Email:  askhr@ihis.org
Telephone:  800-372-3529

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