PowerChart View Only (PCVO): CIS Training Materials

Training Material Video Document
Security and Confidentiality   Document [PDF]
Training Material Video Document

To Document Reason For Chart Access PDF

Establishing a Relationship


Document [PDF]

Document [PDF]

PowerChart Basics   Document [PDF]
Organizer Icons   Document [PDF]
Patient Lists   Document [PDF]
Location List   Document [PDF]
Custom List   Document [PDF]
Patient Search   Document [PDF]
Opening and Closing Patient Charts   Document [PDF]
Chart Overview   Document [PDF]
Demographic Bar   Document [PDF]
Navigational Menu Bar   Document [PDF]
Hand Off   Document [PDF]
Discharge Summary Tab   Document [PDF]
Orders Tab Organization   Document [PDF]
MAR Summary Tab   Document [PDF]
Med List Tab   Document [PDF]
Intake and Output Tab   Document [PDF]
Results Review Tab   Document [PDF]
Assessment Tab   Document [PDF]
Overview Tab   Document [PDF]
Review Chart Tab   Document [PDF]
Allergy Tab   Document [PDF]
Patient Information Tab   Document [PDF]
Transfusion Summary Tab   Document [PDF]
Lab Collection Tab   Document [PDF]
Patient Schedule Tab   Document [PDF]
Reference Text Browser Tab   Document [PDF]
Electronic Medication Request Training Guide   Document [PDF]
Electronic Medication Request Quick Reference Guide   Document [PDF]
Task List Tab   Document [PDF]
Procedure Tab   Document [PDF]
Documents Tab   Document [PDF]
Allergies   Document [PDF]
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