Resources for Community Pharmacies

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The following PDF files are password-protected. To obtain the password for either the PEI Eligible Physicians List or the PEI Pharmacy Network ID's list, please email 

PEI Eligible Physicians List [PDF]

PEI Pharmacy Network ID's [PDF]

PEI Pharmacare DHW Transition

Memo to Community Pharmacies [PDF]

Payee Registration Form [PDF]

PEI Maximum Reimbursable Price (MRP) List 

MRP List Memo to Pharmacists  [PDF] (View past Memos)

PEI Maximum Reimbursable Price (MRP) List [PDF]

PEI Maximum Reimbursable Price List (Download in Microsoft Excel format) [EXCEL]

Formulary Updates / Pharmacare Bulletins

PEI Pharmacare Travel Supply Policy

Travel Supply Policy and Billing Information [PDF]

PEI Pharmacare out of Province Travel Declaration [PDF]

Additional Materials

Memo: Submission of Drug Identification Numbers (DIN) to Pharmacare [PDF]

Participating Pharmacy Agreement 2023 PEI Pharmacy Association [PDF]

Professional Service Reimbursement Framework [PDF]

Provincially Reimbursed Medication Review Guidelines [PDF]

Patient Information Modification Form [PDF]

DIS - Pharmacist Registration Form [PDF]

DIS -Participating Pharmacy Application [PDF]

Generic Drug Program Application Form [PDF]

Smoking Cessation Program Memo May 2023[PDF]

Community Pharmacy Procurement of Publicly Funded Vaccines/Therapies

Covid Vaccines [PDF]

Expired Provincial Vaccine Return Form [PDF]

McKesson Covid Vaccine Distribution [PDF]

Influenza Vaccines [PDF]

Shingrix Vaccine [PDF]

Vaccine Manual Claim Form [PDF]

Paxlovid™  Resources (Effective May 27, 2024)

Paxlovid (antiviral for treating COVID-19) | Government of Prince Edward Island

Pharmacist Bulletin - May 24, 2024 [PDF]

Pharmacist Initiated Paxlovid™ Special Authorization Request Form [PDF]

Memo: Changes to Eligibility Criteria for Paxlovid™ Cost Assistance [PDF] 

Memo: Changes to the Pharmacy Plus Model to Support Timely Access to Pharmacare Paxlovid™ Reimbursement [PDF]


PEI Biosimilar Initiative

PEI Biosimilar Initiative - Information for Health Care Professionals

PEI Biosimilar Initiative - Biosimilar Insulin Therapeutic Substitution Memo [PDF]

PEI Biosimilar Initiative - Biosimilar Insulins and Insulin Pumps Memo [PDF]

Professional Services Reimbursement Framework - Therapeutic substitution - Biosimilar Insulins [PDF]

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