CEO MESSAGE: Critical shift premiums and ongoing union discussions

Dear Health PEI team, 

As all of you know, our staff work hard to maintain all our services without enough colleagues to share the workload. 

Recruiting more staff, training more people for healthcare professions locally, and doing everything possible to support and engage existing staff are crucial priorities for me, for the leadership team and for the health system.

At this moment, we also need to use every tool to ensure necessary care is delivered across the Island. To that end, Health PEI is discussing possible agreements with all unions to compensate staff who take on priority shifts.

The first agreement was signed with PEINU in late April and revised last week. It has been circulated to nursing leaders and affected staff. I am sharing it here as well for all staff as an attachment, as well as the updated amendment revising the original agreement and an updated FAQ

Please note that earlier versions circulated included errors. The linked with the amendment and FAQ are correct and up-to-date.

This agreement includes a 50 percent premium for nursing staff in certain departments across the system for taking priority shifts. It is in effect for the summer and until October 1, to help bridge a time when staffing is shortest and vacation requests are high.

I apologize for the limited communication about this new initiative. We will ensure our processes are more open going forward. 


Since the first MOA was signed, I have received letters and comments from staff across the organization expressing frustration with the premiums being applied to shifts in only select areas.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights on the premium. As many of you noted, most Health PEI areas are currently struggling with staffing.

I am taking your concerns seriously. We are in active discussions with all healthcare unions about possible agreements and the existing PEINU agreement.

While no decisions have been made at this point, I can say Health PEI is close to finalizing agreements with at least one other union and looks forward to more discussions with these dedicated healthcare professionals. Further updates will be provided as soon as they are available.

Our goal is to ensure continuity of services for Islanders while supporting our staff. 

Thank you for your openness, understanding, and patience.