PEI Organized Stroke Care Program Information

This orientation is intended to be a generic orientation to the Provincial Stroke Services. It is not intended to replace the site, service and role specific orientations that address operational policies, protocols and processes including and not limited to: documentation, workload measurement (if applicable), location of assessment tools/equipment, tour of work unit, etc.

Once you are finished, please complete the 10 minute survey [PDF] to help us keep the information current and relevant.

NOTE:  Some of the below documents may be password protected.  If you are a Health PEI employee, please contact the Provincial Stroke Coordinator at 368-6527 or the Website Coordinator at to request access to these files.

Patient Education Resources 

  • Discharge and Transfer Criteria Provincial Acute Stroke Unit Policy (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)
  • Bladder and Bowel Management for Stroke Patients - Clinical Protocol  (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)
  • Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis for Stroke Patients - Clinical Protocol (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)                         
  • Oral Care Stroke Patients - Clinical Protocol [INTRANET]                  
  • Acute Stroke Clinical Pathway [PDF]
  • Emergency Department Suspect Stroke - Medical Directive (available on the PDMS website, log-in and search)  
  • Order sets (available on Cerner)
  • TIA Algorithm (coming soon!)
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