Did You Know? (Accreditation)

Accessing Health Records [PDF]

Concentrated Insulin (Tresiba) [PDF] 

Emergency Management [PDF] 

Get to Know Health PEI's Patient Flow & System Utilization Team [PDF] 

Get to Know Health PEI’s Provincial Drug and Therapeutics (PD&T) Committee [PDF]

Get to Know Health PEI's Research Ethics Board (PEI REB) [PDF]

Get to Know Health PEI's Strategic Plan [PDF] 

Health PEI Board of Directors [PDF] 

Ethics at Health PEI [PDF]

Incidents Involving Client Identification [PDF]

Least Restraint Policy [PDF]

Mandatory Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions [PDF]

Mandatory Reporting of Medical Device Incidents [PDF]

Multi-Dose Vials [PDF] 

Point-of-Care Glucose Testing on Non-Patients in Health PEI Facilities [PDF] 

Point-of-Care Testing and Positive Patient Identification [PDF] 

The 10 Rights of Medication Administration [PDF] 

Tips to Prepare for the June 2022 Accreditation Survey Visit [PDF] 

Top 5 Patient Safety Incidents at Health PEI [PDF] 

What are Mock Tracers? [PDF]

What are Quality Improvement Teams? [PDF]

What are Quality Indicators? [PDF]

What are Required Organizational Practices? [PDF]

What are Safety Huddles? [PDF]

What is Accreditation? [PDF]

What is the Provincial Violence Prevention and Reduction Steering Committee? [PDF] 

What is the Respectful Workplaces Program? [PDF]

What is a Quality Board? [PDF]

What is a Patient Story? [PDF]

What is Patient Safety? [PDF]

What is a Pyxis MedStation? [PDF] 

What is Quality Improvement? [PDF]

Who are Patient and Family Partners? [PDF]

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