Nursing Education

The educational material listed below is relevant to nursing across the province.  It is available 24 hours a day, allowing flexibility for the release of staff from work sites, making it conveniently accessible.

IV Smart Pump Training

Note:  The below training requires a username and password.  To obtain this information, please contact Alison Person at or by telephone at 902-894-0212, or contact your nurse educator or manager.

IV Smart Pump - SP Training  
IV Smart Pump - VP Training

Cultural Education

Cultural Education and Translated Documents
Cultural Awareness Module

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education (acute care) 
Caring for Seniors with Diabetes 101 (long-term care)

Continuing Nursing Education

Provincial Nursing Mentorship Program

Dementia Education

Wound Care Resources

Least Restraint - Self Directed Resource Guide [PDF]

Senior Friendly Medical Unit Self Directed Education Resource (6:38 min) [VIDEO]

Influenza Illness and Immunization Learning Module (2016-Part1) [PDF]




College of Registered Nurses of PEI

College of  Licensed Practical Nurses of PEI

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