Nursing Education

The educational material listed below is relevant to nursing across the province.  It is available 24 hours a day, allowing flexibility for the release of staff from work sites, making it conveniently accessible.

IV Smart Pump Training

SP Training 
VP Training

Cultural Education

Cultural Education and Translated Documents
Cultural Awareness Module

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education (acute care) 
Caring for Seniors with Diabetes 101 (long-term care)

Continuing Nursing Education

Provincial Nursing Mentorship Program

Dementia Education

Wound Care Resources

Least Restraint - Self Directed Resource Guide [PDF]

Senior Friendly Medical Unit Self Directed Education Resource (6:38 min) [VIDEO]

Influenza Illness and Immunization Learning Module (2016-Part1) [PDF]




College of Registered Nurses of PEI

College of  Licensed Practical Nurses of PEI

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